Micro-ATX power supply

Micro-ATX power supply
A high quality power supply conforming to the less common but industry standard Micro ATX form factor. Made by ASTEC, leader in power supply technology. Total output power 90W. Supply lines:
  • +12v 1.6A
  • +5v 12A
  • +3.3v 6A
  • -12v 0.2A
Worldwide universal input voltage: 100-127v 3A and 200-240V 1.5A. Connection via standard 3-pin IEC kettle-style connector. Output connectors:
  • 1 X 20 pin ATX motherboard power connector
  • 3 X Molex hard drive connectors
  • 1 X Floppy disc drive connector
Measured dimensions (excluding mounting tang, but including fan) 100mm X 125mm X 76mm
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